Areas of maths and courses

Different courses on different subjects of maths along with the materials and even my own notes can be found here.  Each areas are further divided into 3 categories.

A] Introduction level- UG level (basic terminologies and concepts)

B] Intermediary level- Graduate level (advanced concepts, theorem and proof, proof oriented and more towards pure maths)

C] Advanced level- Research papers and new results (includes application and derived results in other subjects like physics, computer science, economics etc) Broad areas include*:

Real Analysis [RA-101A]

Number Theory [NT-101A]

Abstract Algebra [AA-101A]

Linear Algebra [LA-101A]

Probability Theory [PT-102B]

Topology Theory [TOPOTH-101A]

Algebraic Topology [ALTO-102B]

Algebraic Geometry [ALGE-102B]


Measure Theory

Random Fields

Optimization Theory


*I will continuously update as I venture into different caves.


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